Online Workers - How To Apply For A Pag-ibig Multipurpose Loan (MPL)

Monday, July 18, 2011

If you are an online worker, be it a web developer, writer, virtual assistant, web/graphics designer, etc. and you have already completed 24 monthy contributions, then you're qualified for the MPL.

My first attempt in applying for an MPL was a breeze! All I needed to do was to submit the following requirements:

1. MPL Application Form - complete with name and signature of two (2) witnesses.
2. Photocopy of 2 Valid IDs

In rare cases, where you will be asked for a pay slip, this of course is considerable for us since most online workers get their payments via PayPal, Western Union, Mlhuillier, etc. Thus, this won't be a problem.

Fortunately, my application was automatically approved and released the next day.

How To Apply For A Postal ID

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I've been planning on applying for an SSS loan as soon as I reach the 36th month contribution. And when I already have 36 posted monthly contributions, I had problems securing for 2 valid IDs to comply the requirements. Since I resigned from my office work, I only got to secure one ID with picture (TIN), which had my maiden name on, but that's the least of my concern 'cause I just need one more.

A lot of people told me that it's way easier to get a Postal ID, and so I took the option. Later did I realize that completing the requirements for a postal ID was way tougher than I thought. These were the things that I had to acquire:

1. 3 Copies of Application Form

a. Signed by your Brgy. Captain
b. Notarized by a Lawyer (price ranges Php 50)*
c. Documentary Stamp (Php 25)*

2. Cedula (photocopy) - can be retrieved from your nearest Brgy. Hall.

3. Barangay Clearance (photocopy) - can be retrieved from your nearest Brgy. Hall. HOWEVER, in my area, before they issued my clearance, they asked for:

a. Purok Clearance - issued by your Purok Leader.
b. Garbage Collection Fee (Php 20/month) - in my case, I had to pay the entire Jan-Dec 2011 totaled Php 240 + 12 (penalty fee for paying late)*
c. Brgy. Clearance Fee (Php 10)*
d. 1 2x2 picture

4. Birth Certificate (Photocopy of NSO copy) - securing an NSO copy costs Php 140.

5. Marriage Certificate (Photocopy of NSO copy) - for "married applicants" only. Securing an NSO copy costs Php 140.

6. Processing Fee

a. Php 272 (regular) - can be claimed after 2 weeks/ 14 working days.
b. Php 475 (rush) - can be claimed after 3 working days.
This may happen case-to-case depending on your area, and of course YOU ARE LUCKY if you know someone from the office to make things easier for you.

Too bad I had to go through the detailed process for 2 weeks trying to complete the requirements. But oh well, though I went the hard way, it's still worth it.

Next mission: Securing a Voter's ID!

*Fees may vary depending on your area.

♥ The Last AirBender ♥

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Since I was in night shift, I was hooked up watching Avatar: The Legend of Aang which is being aired in TV5 Monday-Friday 5:30 pm. It has become my routine back then, 4:30 - Jimmy Neutron, 5:00 - Spongebob Squarepants and 5:30 - AangL The Legend of Avatar.These were the three combo shows I never fail to watch. It has become my habit then. But above all, I love watching Avatar. It has a really unique story. It's about 4 tribes, fire, earth,water and air who once were living peacefully not until the fire nation became really powerful and decided to take on a war and rule over all tribes. During the middle of the war, when everybody was hopeless, there was one person they were hoping who can save them, and that is The Avatar.

So much for that, research to know more about what's next. With the growing number of Avatar fanatics, due to public demand, they've finally came up with its movie entitled, The Last AirBender. The moment I stumbled upon its trailer on YouTube, I was hooked! And I said to my self, I MUST watch this movie. Guys, just like you I know you are also excited to watch it, so here's the trailer of The Last AirBender which will be showing on Summer of 2010.

Love Game by Lady Gaga

I just love Lady Gaga and her songs. She has that voice of a temptress, the kind of temptress that tempts you to listen and go gaga over her songs and even have you dancing once the beat of her song starts.

From her Just Dance to the latest one, Love Game, I just love it!

Well guys, catch this video and its lyrics so you can sing while watching the video. Enjoy!

Aling Dionesia at Shall We Dance?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Aling/Nanay/Mommy Dionesia, we've known her for her undying love and support to his son, Manny Pacquiao. As we all know, Manny Pacquiao is none other than the most popular Philippine athlete and one of the highest-paying athletes in the world.

Wouldn't that be enough to say that Aling Dionesia raised Manny very well? If not for her, Manny Pacquaio will never turn out to be what he is right now. In Manny's success, the woman that is considered behind all this fame and success he's experiencing is, Aling Dionesia.

Raising her family alone was never a joke, but apart from the struggle their family was in, she never ceased to strengthen her belief and faith to God. This unceasing faith inspite of all, has been passed to her children, the reason why Manny Pacquaio, after all the fame, success and fortune, he still has this strong faith, even so humble to show to the world everytime when he's on a fight, he prays on the ring before and after his fight.

Aling Dionesia, no matter how funny she may be for us, whenever she does her way of thanking God each time Manny wins his fight. She'll always be a good role-model of all mothers.

So much for this side of Aling Dionesia, we heard of her performance at Shall We Dance, a dance show aired at TV5. At first, really I went like, "I should see this!" And so, last May 31, 2009, I tuned in to TV5's Shall We Dance and started rolling the camera.

Here she is guys, the pride of the Filipinos, in her most memorable dance in Shall We Dance, Aling Dionesia:

♥ Acai Berry Spam on YM ♥

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Since last year, I've been bombarded with this Acai Berry scam. It tells of how lucky they were to have found Acai Berry and that it helped them get slim and healthy and all those BS you usually hear from health products scam.

It has gotten into my last nerves which is why I'm finally posting about it. I don't get this messages when I'm online on YM. The bombardment occurs only when my YM account is set to "I'm on SMS".

Yes, I think there's something to do with being set to that way. What's weird is , there's like 3 people from my YM list whom I kept on getting this spam from. And these 3 people admitted that indeed their YM accounts have virus. But the question is, is it because their account was hacked or there systems has a virus or a worm? 'Coz if that's the case, then it shouldn't be sending out spams when they're logged in YM from a different computer, right?

Hmm, wonder which one is it and how to get rid of it?

It's losing the last wits of me.

♥ RX Monster Radio 93.1 ♥

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Yeah, you read that right. I'm a certified addict in listening to RX Monster Radio 93.1 over live audio-streaming.

I'm so hooked that the moment I open my browser, the first site I open to is this:

You wouldn't believe but I even have it bookmarked on my browser. It's an SOP for me to listen to monster. My most favorite show is the morning rush with Chico and Delamar. They're an awesome tandem. Like sometimes I wonder, if there's something going on between em. LOL
I love their jokes, it's flawless, unpretentious and hit the bull's eye. Me, cracking is so normal for my workmates to see that they too become curious what I was laughing about. They even come to my station to see what's on my screen, only to see the OpenOffice app. And then I explain to them that I'm tuned to RX, curious as they are, I gave 'em the link and am just so glad that I'm not alone cracking anymore. hahaha

I love their show and generally the station. I can't endure working those pile of office tasks without RX in the background. Thanks RX for making my work days into a fun one.
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